Hey guys,

As this month is coming to an end – thankfully as it’s be a very long tough month for me but let’s not get into that. This entry I wanted to talk about the word “PURPOSE”, I’ve only really found out the actual meaning to it this past week and I’m surprised by how powerful it is. So basically a purpose is a reason or an intention whilst to have purpose means to have resolve and determination which I find fascinating. Developing a deeper sense of purpose in life (in both senses of the word) can help create a more fulfilling life, in which everything we do is for the greater good.

For example think of the simple purpose of when bees collect nectar to feed the whole beehive community.

Finding our own clear purpose, a common good by which to direct our energy, drives us to make better decisions, form stronger bonds, cultivate more self-awareness and generally make the world a better place which is something I’m not afraid to admit I’ve struggled to do.

However I decided to take some time out and to try to find out my own purpose. To do that I simply asked myself a couple of questions such as 1) In which moments do I feel most alive? 2) In what ways do I inspire others? 3) How do I contribute to the world? Some of the answers gave me an idea of how I would like my life to be so I’d highly recommend you doing something along these lines if your like me and struggle to find your purpose! 🙂

Please remember that everyone has their own purpose and not to allow the fear of failure keep you from succeeding in life. Without failing at certain things we can’t expect to be successful so don’t worry ❤️

Thank you for anyone whose took time out to read this entry and as I said before don’t be afraid to get in touch, Until next time guys have a lovely day! 🥰

L xox

Strength – Being your own Superhero

Hello Everyone/Anyone 🙂

I apologise for not being very active here recently but as your all probably aware that shit happens in life and it’s more important to take care of that so that’s basically what i’ve been doing. In all honesty the last couple of weeks/months haven’t been the greatest for me personally but that’s why sometimes you need to take a step back re-evaluate and re-charge in order to go again in this crazy thing we call life.

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I always thought I needed someone to get me through everything in life be it the minor things all the way through to the more major things however I’ve come to the realization that sometimes you have to be your own superhero at times simply because I’m the one getting myself through my own tough times. When it comes to relationships or work you can’t have someone else fighting your own battles no matter how hard it may get. It’s more than that, all you need to remember is that everyone has struggles no matter how happy they may seem doesn’t mean they don’t/haven’t/aren’t going through tough times. You have the strength within you to get yourself through these times. Whether that means getting help from others or not there’s nothing wrong with that as it definitely helps in easing the thoughts of facing these things alone. Remember there’s no shame in reaching out and opening up about what’s wrong and always remember that tough times don’t last but tough people do ! ❤

Below is a quote from the famous Eleanor Roosevelt which I absolutely adore and it’s something I think we should all consider when we awaken each day.

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I truly believe in the quote ” You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have ” I truly didn’t believe I was half as Strong as I am until I had no other choice but to be strong so just a thought for ye to believe in yourself more folks! 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, if you have any suggestions/requests/recommendations on what else I should blog about please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

L xox

Comfort Zones – Push yourself out of yours 😉

Hey guys,

I apologise it’s been a while since I’ve got around to posting on here but as you’d all understand life gets in the way and you don’t have as much time to do these things as you’d hope, any hoo I’m back with this entry and what I wanted to devote this one to was comfort zones. We all get too comfortable with our routines be it at work, our relationships and our hobbies that we limit ourselves to what we can achieve if and when we choose to set our minds to something.

I for one know about comfort zones and how iffy they can be, an example being today I thought my first ever fitness class in work which I used to have a huge fear of doing due to the fact I became comfortable of never having to do one before. So when it came down to it, it terrified me to think I’d have to step out of what I was comfortable doing and pluck up the courage to teach a class and being honest I couldn’t be more prouder of myself for having done it! I didn’t know whether I’d be good or not but with practice I’m positive I’ll only ever get better 🙏❤️

It’s true as they say nothing will ever grow in comfort zones so please let that be a lesson for you to take on this coming week, do something you would usually find yourself avoiding or that you’d have a fear of doing. Even if you don’t get what you want out of it at least you can say to yourself ‘I stepped out of my comfort zone today and I’m proud of that’ 💯💯❤️

Hope you all have a wonderful week,

L xox

Kindness – It costs absolutely nothing 💖

Hey guys, I’m back for my third instalment on my blog, and the topic I’ve chosen to talk about today is Kindness.

Firstly what is kindness??

Kindness is basically the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. ❤️

It’s remarkable the amount of nasty things people do and say in today’s world that it baffles me as to why people aren’t doing things out of the kindness of their hearts anymore. The smallest little things we do which cost absolutely nothing aren’t being done which is truly sad.

I’m not saying this to sound cocky or anything but I genuinely see one of my biggest qualities being kindness, I just absolutely love the idea of doing something whether it’s big or small for someone and not expect anything in return. I know there are a lot of other people out there whose probably kinder than me but that’s not my point, my point in this post is basically get across for people to try to be nicer and kinder – whether it’s to yourself, your partner, your family or friends and even coworkers and strangers. A simple smile or comment, letting someone go ahead of you in a queue, allowing someone to cross the street without being bitchy about it. If we could all be a little kinder and spread some kindness it would really make the world a better place.

Did you know that there’s actual benefits to being kind? Below I’ve listed a couple of them.

1) We become happier within ourselves and express more positive emotions.

2) Better Relationships – when we’re kind we show someone what they mean to us. Even if it’s a stranger and saying something as small as “your life matters and you are loved” This kind of attention is special and means a lot.

3) Better Health – Studies show that being kind can actually strengthen our immune systems, reduce aches and pains and can also improve cardiovascular health!

4) Better Performance – There’s evidence that proves that kind people(far from being pushovers) perform better whether it be at school, college and work.

So to finish off this weekend on a high or to possibly start this new week off to a high whichever you’d like make a promise to yourself that you’ll try to do something kind whether it be for yourself or for another person, do it and continue to do it. Because after all there can never be too much kindness in the world 💛💛💛

Have a wonderful week everyone,

L xox

Love – Give yourself some more 🥰

Hello again guys,

So basically been thinking over the past couple of days about Love. I’m no expert on it but I’m a huge fan of it like I literally adore the whole idea of love and what it’s capable of doing/showing.

However I do feel what we as humans lack is the ability of self love. I know not everyone will read this and say they don’t love themselves cause I know there are people who do and you guys rock! 🤘 More of us should look at ourselves daily and tell ourselves that we love us because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that ❤️

Sorry I couldn’t resist the above quote as I’m a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh 😍😍Come on how many of us (myself included) are guilty of giving our love to people who don’t deserve it, think of how much of that love we could’ve used on ourselves when we needed it! It’s time to stop doing that and put yourself first – be selfish for once in your life, if people call you vain for loving yourself that just means that they’re failing to love themselves so please just focus on all the love you can give yourself cause you genuinely deserve it all 💕 It’s time to walk around proud of you and say HELL yes what’s not to love 🙌

Start showing yourself more love and give yourself less criticism/hate, Lord knows we get enough of that from others throughout our lifetime. But if we love ourselves enough that hate/criticism won’t matter half as much.

If like me your struggle is to show yourself some self love, please follow the commandments below ❤️

Remember don’t give your love to people who don’t deserve it – You owe yourself that ❤️

Hope you guys enjoy,

L 😘 xo

Don’t Compare, Just do you❤️

Hey Guys 👋

I’m absolutely terrified writing this now thinking to myself whether anyone will read this or find it any way beneficial, anyhoo I don’t care because I’m still going to write it!

As this is my first of hopefully many blogs I just wanted to start off by just reassuring anyone who may need it to please stop comparing yourself and your life to others. This will only make you miserable because God knows I’ve been there and done it and can say it made me so unhappy.

Yes some people may seem to have something you may desperately want but you could have something else that they might want. We are always quick to compare every little thing we almost forget to take a look at what we got and sometimes we take these things for granted and in the end only when these things are taken away from us is when we truly appreciate what we had.

So if you take anything away from this little message please let it be this – You are Awesome just the way you are, Your worthy, beautiful and you are loved ❤️

Bye for now,

L xo