Love – Give yourself some more 🥰

Hello again guys,

So basically been thinking over the past couple of days about Love. I’m no expert on it but I’m a huge fan of it like I literally adore the whole idea of love and what it’s capable of doing/showing.

However I do feel what we as humans lack is the ability of self love. I know not everyone will read this and say they don’t love themselves cause I know there are people who do and you guys rock! 🤘 More of us should look at ourselves daily and tell ourselves that we love us because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that ❤️

Sorry I couldn’t resist the above quote as I’m a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh 😍😍Come on how many of us (myself included) are guilty of giving our love to people who don’t deserve it, think of how much of that love we could’ve used on ourselves when we needed it! It’s time to stop doing that and put yourself first – be selfish for once in your life, if people call you vain for loving yourself that just means that they’re failing to love themselves so please just focus on all the love you can give yourself cause you genuinely deserve it all 💕 It’s time to walk around proud of you and say HELL yes what’s not to love 🙌

Start showing yourself more love and give yourself less criticism/hate, Lord knows we get enough of that from others throughout our lifetime. But if we love ourselves enough that hate/criticism won’t matter half as much.

If like me your struggle is to show yourself some self love, please follow the commandments below ❤️

Remember don’t give your love to people who don’t deserve it – You owe yourself that ❤️

Hope you guys enjoy,

L 😘 xo

Don’t Compare, Just do you❤️

Hey Guys 👋

I’m absolutely terrified writing this now thinking to myself whether anyone will read this or find it any way beneficial, anyhoo I don’t care because I’m still going to write it!

As this is my first of hopefully many blogs I just wanted to start off by just reassuring anyone who may need it to please stop comparing yourself and your life to others. This will only make you miserable because God knows I’ve been there and done it and can say it made me so unhappy.

Yes some people may seem to have something you may desperately want but you could have something else that they might want. We are always quick to compare every little thing we almost forget to take a look at what we got and sometimes we take these things for granted and in the end only when these things are taken away from us is when we truly appreciate what we had.

So if you take anything away from this little message please let it be this – You are Awesome just the way you are, Your worthy, beautiful and you are loved ❤️

Bye for now,

L xo